Casino PokeR Analyzer


What is Casino PokeR Analyzer?

Casino PokeR Analyzer is a Wndows-application, that allows to master your skills in such a popular and exciting game as casino poker. Wide range of rules sets and specific bonuses that can be put for analysis make Casino PokeR Analyzer to be an important tool for beginners and poker pros. It allows to create an optimal strategy for nearly any set of rules.

Casino PokeR Analyzer can be used for quick strategy correction if something changed by the casino and for the mastering your skill level by deeper analyzing of borderline poker hands.

Casino PokeR Analyzer Features

  • optimal playing decision evaluation under certain set of rules
  • random hands generation
  • changable number of dealer's open cards
  • changable combinations payouts
  • changable cost of cards exchange
  • ability to analyze insurance bet advantage
  • wide range of additional bonuses and payoffs
  • fully Windows compatible

Casino PokeR Analyzer Benefits

  • figuring out the basics principles of the poker game
  • easy basic strategy development for any set of rules
  • analysis of strategy changes under different set of rules
  • detailed analysis of 'trouble" hands
  • improving your skill level

Casino PokeR Analyzer Screenshots

Main progamm window:

Rules Settings Window:

Casino PokeR Analyzer Demo

Casino PokeR Analyzer demo lets to get in touch with this software product with limited number of features. The limitations are: only one card exchange is available (for 0,9 ante), combination "two pairs" is paid 1,5 to 1 (4 ante) and some others.

Please download the demo-version of the Casino PokeR Analyzer: cpra416demo

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Current version: Casino PokeR Analyzer 4.21 (28.09.2013)

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